Police and Sheriff Depts. need tactical equipment for traffic control, crowd control and crowd safety. Retracta-Cade® units store easily in the trunk of a police vehicle and can be instantly set up in various situations, including checkpoints, vehicular accidents, demonstrations, street fairs, parades, and crime scenes.


Retracta-Cade is a vital addition to fire gear inventory. Fire Departments use this portable barricade to close down streets to pedestrian traffic while fighting fires, vehicle accidents, hazardous spills and general crowd control.


A spontaneous deployment barrier creates security boundaries quickly and efficiently. Retracta-Cade units are perfect for emergency management personnel, military use, Homeland Security, and other agencies.

Safety & Security

Barricades are crucial so work crews and pedestrians remain safe. Retracta-Cade Quick Deployment Barricades cordon off dangerous areas to create a safe construction zone and on-demand traffic flow.

See for yourself. Click on the video to see it in action.

The Retracta-Cade
Quick Deployment Barricade

The Fully Retractable, Portable Barricade System

Retired NYPD Lieutenant, Joe Bevelaqua, knew from experience that first responders needed an easy, effective and versatile barrier solution. That’s why he partnered with Visiontron Corp. to design the Retracta-Cade® Quick Deployment Barricade. These state-of-the-art barricades provide an instant, effective and versatile barrier solution. They are easy to transport, easy to set up, easy to customize, and easy to store.

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