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About The RETRACTA-CADE® Quick Deployment Barricade & Visiontron Corp.

Lieutenant Joe Bevilacqua served in the NYPD for 20 years. He spent countless hours budgeting personnel and rearranging staff assignments to accommodate the transport and setup of bicycle barriers and wood sawhorse barricades. He knew there had to be a cheaper and more efficient way.

Upon retirement, Bevilacqua partnered with Visiontron Corp. of Hauppauge, NY – an industry-leading American manufacturer of crowd control and safety products for more than 50 years – to develop this revolutionary barricade alternative.

Visiontron Corp. developed the Retracta-Cade QDB to meet four key objectives

  1. Provide immediate security.
  2. Transport easily in vehicle trunks.
  3. Built heavy-duty enough to be a substantial barrier, yet light enough for one person to carry.
  4. Reduce the costs of labor, warehousing, and transportation associated with other traditional barriers.

The Retracta-Cade is now available for purchase directly from Visiontron and through a network of trusted resellers. For information on how to purchase the Retracta-Cade for your company or organization, please click here.

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