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Visiontron, located in Hauppauge, NY on Long Island, has been a U.S. manufacturer of signage and crowd control systems for 50+ years. Many of our products can be used to keep people safe as they navigate this ever-evolving response to the pandemic. We can build fixed or modular Privacy  Rooms or use our Rolling Walls to create corridors or waiting areas. Outdoor-ready signage helps guide people safely around temporary facilities. See below for more ideas for how our products can help keep everyone safe and healthy.

Please call a People Guidance Pro for immediate assistance: (631) 582-8600

We are considered an essential business and will remain open alongside those of you that are also essential businesses to keep the supply chain open. We are following the guidance of the CDC to keep everyone healthy during this ever-evolving situation.

COVID-19 Emergency Response Supplies by Visiontron®

Direction Dots™

Employee Guards

Sanitation Stations

Distance responsibly with Direction Dots! Guide your customers to comply with the CDC’s recommendation of 6ft social distancing. Direction Dots floor decals provide targets to stand on while waiting in line 6ft apart. Different sizes, customizations and heavy duty lamination for high use areas are available (minimums apply). CLICK TO PURCHASE HERE.

This clear acrylic panel with a small opening at the bottom for the exchange of materials can be placed on the desk or counter to protect people in essential businesses that are in operation. Lightweight, economical protection can be easily moved from place to place to keep interactions between patrons and staff germ-free. Custom sizes, shapes and fixed options are available (mins apply). Ideal for banks, hospital check-in counters, airline counters, convenience stores, etc.

Set up freestanding sanitation stations to help prevent the spread of germs in your facility. Although we are out of our sanitizer and dispensers, we can help custom make STANDS and BRACKETS for anyone who has sanitizer dispensers. We can custom fit any type of dispenser onto our posts, so give us a call today to figure out a quick solution for your application. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

Q-PANEL Systems

Rolling Walls

Privacy Rooms

Q-PANEL systems are great for large and informative signage throughout a facility or at curbside. Use 6’ tall Q -PANELS to divide areas and separate people safely. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

Divide large open areas with our Rolling Walls. Wheels have locks to maintain position and a variety of insert material is available. Available with large panels to create corridors or waiting rooms, as well as mini sizes with curtains or light material inserts to create quick, modular spaces.

Using our 4’ wide by 6’ tall Privacy Panels, create check-in areas, treatment rooms and offices without the need for construction. Add wheels for modular spaces, or screw posts into the floor for fixed applications. In the gallery above, see a space that we created for an urgent care center in NYC.

Traffic Control Products

Long Span Stanchions

Custom Products

We are stocked with many traffic and crowd control products to help any critical business today. Products like RETRACTA-BELT® stanchions and signage help separate and guide people to stay safe, while cones and delineators ensure safety in parking lots and drive-thru testing sites. BUY TRAFFIC CONTROL PRODUCTS HERE.


Longer belts for longer queues. As social distancing forces people to separate while waiting for supplies and services, the queues will get longer. Our 30’ and 65’ RETRACTA-BELT® stanchions help lengthen the line with less posts. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.


Need something made? We want to help! With our talented team of engineers and local manufacturing capabilities, we can quickly customize a wide range of crowd control solutions for airports, hospitals, retail, etc. From custom signs to portable service cabinets we can make it! Please contact a People Guidance Pro for assistance in finding the right solution for your application. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

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We are a U.S. manufacturer of crowd control products for 50+ years. We provide safer, more easy-to-navigate environments and better brand experiences for your valued travelers and employees. We offer standard and custom solutions for front-end applications (ticketing, gate queues, signage, etc.) as well as back-end uses (tarmac, maintenance, etc.) Our full service manufacturing facility on Long Island, NY and decades of experience allow us to manufacture products that stand the test of time. Learn more about us at Visiontron.com.