Retracta-Cade® Quick Deployment Barricade Features

A retired NYPD Lieutenant developed the Retracta-Cade crowd control barrier so first responders would have a safety barricade immediately available; one that’s easy to transport in patrol cars and also inexpensive to store. Watch the video to see Retracta-Cade Quick Deployment Barricade features, uses, and options in action.

Heavy-Duty Construction:
  • Made in America: The Retracta-Cade is made in America, manufactured from rust-proof anodized aluminum and HDPE impact-resistant plastic, and designed to withstand heavy use and the outdoor elements.
  • Heavy-duty 37 lb. barricade: Retracta-Cades are substantial enough to provide a secure barrier and remain stable, yet light enough to carry. Each unit measures 10′ L x 2’8″ D x 3’5″ H when fully extended.
  • Folds to less than half its size: The Retracta-Cade retracts to 4′ L x 8″ D x 1′ H for easy transportation in car trunks and vans.
  • Legs deploy easily: With a simple, over-sized, easy-release hand lever that can be activated even when wearing thick gloves. Legs automatically lock into place when fully extended.
  • Extensions pull out to connect to form a continuous blockade:  The overall length adjusts from 4′ to 10′. Threaded locking carabiners at each end secure the connection between barriers. Carabiners rotate 180 degrees, allowing for endless barrier configurations.
  • Easy to Transport: One person can easily carry the Retracta-Cade using the built-in handle or roll the unit by using the optional wheel accessory.
  • Efficient storage: Units stack and nest so large quantities store efficiently in an office or warehouse space. 25 units store in a 4′ x 4′ area!
  • Extensions feature engraved grooved stripes: on both sides, which cannot wear off over time.
  • Threaded locking carabiners: at each end secure the connection between barriers. Carabiners rotate 180 degrees so the Retracta-Cade QDB panels can be pulled out on an angle or uphill, allowing for endless barrier configurations. When not used, the carabiners lock flush into place on the sides of the end caps.
  • Three ways to carry: One person can easily transport the Retracta-Cade crowd control barrier by either using the built-in carrying handles on both sides, holding the unit from the top with one or both hands, or using the folded legs as a handle while the unit is upside down.
  • Rubber floor protectors: affix to the bottom of each leg.

Sleek & Efficient Design:

Standard Retracta-Cade Configurations:

  • Red with white stripes
  • Blue with white stripes
  • Yellow with black stripes


Additional Design Options (for details, click here):
Versatile and Customizable Retracta-Cade Units can be customized and accessorized for each specific use. Options such as changeable signs allow a single unit to be used in a variety of applications. Options and customizations such as:

  • Changeable signage allows the Retracta-Cade to be used for specialized situations (ie: CAUTION – OVERHEAD CONSTRUCTION ZONE, DWI CHECKPOINT, etc.).
  • Retracta-Cade Light Kits allow more visibility, are rechargeable and double as road flares.
  • Reflective decals make the Retracta-Cade more visible at night.
  • Property ID tagging indicates unit ownership.
  • Silkscreen printing on the unit face allows for a permanent message that can be covered with signage when needed in different situations.
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Money-Saving Compact Storage:
  • Retracta-Cade crowd control barriers stack atop each other so large quantities store efficiently in an office or warehouse space.  Sixteen units store in a 4′ x 4′ x 4′ area.
  • Smart self-aligned nesting design prevents the stacked units from falling over while in storage.

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