Retracta-Cade® Options and Accessories:

Retracta-Cade Quick Deployment Light Kits

Attention-grabbing LED lights slide into the top of the Retracta-Cade for increased visibility during day or night.

  • Available in red, yellow or blue
  • Carrying case conveniently charges and stores six LED lights
  • Each light includes nine patterns (flashing, steady-on, rotating, etc.)
  • Waterproof and impact-resistant
  • Can be used separately for other applications such as road ‘flares’
  • Each kit includes six rechargeable LED lights, six magnetic adapters, wall charger, car charger and hard carrying case that charges all lights simultaneously.



  • Nine (9) light patterns including rotating, steady-on, alternating blinks, single blinks and more
  • Runtime varies from 7-50 hours depending on the light pattern
  • Lithium-ion 850mAh~3.7V battery with a 5+ year life
  • Weighs 6.5 lbs.

Printed Sign Panels

Printed sign panels allow the Retracta-Cade crowd control barrier to be used for multiple applications.

  • Up to two sign inserts slide and lock into each track, allowing storage of four signs per unit
  • Standard and custom sign panels are available
  • Easy-release button locks the signs in place during transport and releases in seconds to remove or change signage.
  • Signs are rear printed on clear PETG to resist scratching and wear
  • Stock and non-stock signs are available, or design your own custom printed message or logo

Reflective Decals

Reflective stripes, added to the body and extensions, provide better visibility at nighttime.

Property ID Tagging

Print your company or organization directly onto the body in 2″ tall black text to identify your property.

Upgrades & Options

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