Retracta-Cade® Quick Deployment Barricades in the Police Industry

Retracta-Cade QDB in a Patrol Car Trunk

The Retracta-Cade’s ease of use and rapid deployment capabilities were designed to meet the daily demands of police departments. Police officers require tactical equipment that adapts to surrounding environments.

The Retracta-Cade stores easily in most vehicle rear cargo or trunk space and can be instantly deployed for various situations, including checkpoints, vehicular accidents, demonstrations, street fairs, parades, and crime scenes.

The Retracta-Cade has shown itself to be an important new classification of police gear and merits addition to every department’s tactical equipment arsenal. Quick Deployment Barricades should be standard issue, to be requested with every vehicle order.

Examples: Retracta-Cade Quick Deployment Barricades for Crowd Control in the Police Industry


PROBLEM: At crime scenes, police typically use the environment, such as trees or light post to create an outer and inner perimeter, If the nearest object is several hundred feet away, it makes the crime scene much larger than necessary and thus harder to control.
SOLUTION: With the Retracta-Cade® Quick Deployment Barricades, the crime scene perimeter is created precisely where and when it’s needed.


PROBLEMTransit police have limited storage space, but are often called upon at a moment’s notice to perform security checkpoints during elevated terrorism threats.  Often times proper barriers are not available on short notice. The current barriers are large and cumbersome to transport down Subway steps. The unmarked barriers do little to inform the patrons what the barriers are for and cause delays during the search process.
SOLUTION: Retracta-Cade portable barricades retract and stack, so they can be stored and transported easily. Sign panels displaying messages such as “SECURITY CHECKPOINT – BAGS OUT” speed up the process.


PROBLEMPolice departments use French or bicycle barriers that offer no conspicuous public signage area. If a civilian gets arrested for Obstructing Governmental Administration (OGA), the charges can be thrown out in court because of lack of signage.
SOLUTION: Retracta-Cade signs display messages such as “POLICE LINE – DO NOT CROSS” to prevent OGA charges from being dismissed in court.


Other uses for Retracta-Cade crowd control barriers in the police industry:
  • Sign panels allow police to display messages at crime scenes, such as “Crime Stoppers” hotlines. People who witness the crime may call in tips immediately.
  • Eliminate “losing the block” at parades because of unexpected foot traffic patterns, poor planning, not enough manpower or crowd control barriers. Retracta-Cade units stored in patrol car trunks are immediately available for those unplanned issues.
  • Create staging areas, where officers assemble for assignment.
  • At large-scale events and festivals, police officers are responsible for preventing overcrowding. The Retracta-Cade extension panels easily slide in and out to let groups of people pass through when allowable.
  • Riotous situations become much safer if there is a barrier between officers and protesters. Having Retracta-Cade units on demand helps to reduce potential altercations.
  • Officers can easily use Retracta-Cade barricades during vehicular accident situations, cordoning off the area and keeping people on both sides safe.


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