State-of-the-art barricades provide an instant, effective and versatile barrier solution. They are easy to transport, easy to set up, easy to customize, and easy to store.

RETRACTA-CADE® Quick Deployment Barricade Features

A retired NYPD Lieutenant developed the RETRACTA-CADE crowd control barrier so first responders would have a safety barricade immediately available; one that’s easy to transport in patrol cars and also inexpensive to store. 
  • Heavy-duty 37 lbs. barrier that is Made in the U.S.A
  • Retracts easily for transport and is stackable for storage
  • Reduces costs when compared to traditional barriers
  • Adjustable length with locking connections to extend barricade


RETRACTA-CADE® is made in America, manufactured from rust-proof anodized aluminum and HDPE impact-resistant plastic, and designed to withstand heavy use and the outdoor elements. 


Versatile RETRACTA-CADE units can be customized and accessorized for any specific use.

Easy to Store

Folds to less than half its size and easily fits in car trunks.

Smart, self-aligned nesting design prevents units from falling over while in storage.

Easy to Transport

One person can easily carry the 37 lb. RETRACTA-CADE using the built-in handle or roll the unit by using the optional wheel accessory.

Heavy-Duty Barrier

The 37 lb. RETRACTA-CADE barriers are substantial enough to provide a secure barrier and remain stable, yet light enough to carry. Each unit measures 10′ L x 2’8″ D x 3’5″ H when fully extended.

Special Features

Rubber floor protectors affix to the bottom of each leg.

Carabiners at each end secure the connection between barriers.

Extensions feature engraved, grooved stripes.

RETRACTA-CADE® Options & Accessories

RETRACTA-CADE Quick Deployment Light Kits

Attention-grabbing LED lights slide into the top of the RETRACTA-CADE for increased visibility during day or night.

  • Available in red, yellow or blue
  • Carrying case conveniently charges and stores six LED lights
  • Each light includes nine patterns (flashing, steady-on, rotating, etc.)
  • Waterproof and impact-resistant
  • Can be used separately for other applications such as road ‘flares’
  • Each kit includes six rechargeable LED lights, six magnetic adapters, wall charger, car charger and hard carrying case that charges all lights simultaneously.


  • Nine (9) light patterns including rotating, steady-on, alternating blinks, single blinks and more
  • Runtime varies from 7-50 hours depending on the light pattern
  • Lithium-ion 850mAh~3.7V battery with a 5+ year life
  • Weighs 6.5 lbs.
Retracta-Cade Light Kits

Printed Sign Panels

Printed sign panels allow the RETRACTA-CADE crowd control barrier to be used for multiple applications.

  • Up to two sign inserts slide and lock into each track, allowing storage of four signs per unit
  • Standard and custom sign panels are available
  • Easy-release button locks the signs in place during transport and releases in seconds to remove or change signage.
  • Signs are rear printed on clear PETG to resist scratching and wear
  • Stock and non-stock signs are available, or design your own custom printed message or logo.

Property ID Tagging

Print your company or organization directly onto the body in 2″ tall black text to identify your property.

Reflective Decals

Reflective stripes, added to the body and extensions, provide better visibility at nighttime.

Comparison of Tactical Barriers

Retracta-Cade Comparison Chart

aka “Bicycle,” “French,” or “Sunshine” barricades

PROS: Heavy, intimidating, largely impenetrable.
CONS: Requires significant maintenance (rust removal, coating, re-welding).  Generally stored at central warehouses, requiring large, flatbed trucks and large crews to deploy.
BEST USELarge volume crowd control, with good, long-range planning. These offer moderate authority due to lack of color or signage relevant to agency or specific use.


aka “Sawhorse” barricades

PROS: Heavy, intimidating.
CONS: Short lifespan due to splintered or deteriorated wood. Significant maintenance of painting and re-constructing legs. Generally stored at central warehouses, requiring large, flatbed trucks and large crews to deploy.
BEST USE: Medium volume crowd control, with good, long-range planning. These offer moderate authority due to lack of signage relevant to specific use.



PROS: Light, easy to move and place.
CONS: Lower visibility, often confusing some drivers and not respected by others, resulting in cones being knocked over, run over and abused. These offer low perceived authority and generally lack authoritative identification signage. Short lifespan with inability to repair.
BEST USE: Extended traffic areas requiring re-direction. Stacks of 8-12 cones may be tossed into a vehicle for smaller deployments.



PROS: Lightweight, authoritative when imprinted with authority identification. Moderate perceived authority.
CONS: One-time use product, requires on-site objects to act as anchor points to be used effectively. Precincts can run through miles of this tape over short periods. If not carefully removed, this tape becomes a blight on neighborhoods. Not durable, easily torn, and frequently ignored.
BEST USE: Easy to deploy where existing posts, signs, trees and other structures are available.

RETRACTA-CADE Quick Deployment Barricade

PROS: Light enough to set up by a single person yet solid enough to create a solid authoritative barrier as required by law. Requires low maintenance. Heavy-duty, portable and authoritative. Instantly deployable. Signage inserts identify applicable scenario (i.e. crime scenes, command posts, police line, fireline, etc.). Interlocking carabiner hooks create continuous barricade lines. High-visibility lights add safety. RETRACTA-CADE units fold down to small spaces to allow storage in vehicle trunks.
CONS: Not advised for long-term installations.
BEST USE: Immediate deployment situations, filling in gaps traditional barriers such as; pop-up checkpoints, crime scenes, command posts, DWI checkpoints, accidents, fire hose protection, street closures and more.

Additional Benefits

Rust-proof anodized aluminum and impact-resistant plastics ensure the Retracta-Cade will withstand tough wear and tear.

  • Wooden sawhorse barriers pit and deteriorate.
  • ‘French’ barriers have stress points that snap and require welding.

Compact storage design requires fewer employees to deliver crowd control barriers to and from event sites.

  • Metal and wood crowd barriers have a larger storage footprint, causing costly warehouse rental and transportation expenses.

Quick and easy setups and breakdowns reduce overtime costs.

Tamper-proof carabiners easily connect to link barriers.

  • Wooden sawhorse barriers have no connection points and ‘French’ barrier hooks are cumbersome and therefore often not connected at all.

Fewer resources dedicated to coordinating delivery, set up and return of crowd control event barricades means departments can save money and personnel can focus on other important tasks.

Easily relocatable for on-demand deployment, no dedicated crowd barrier trucks or certified drivers are necessary to transport.

  • Other barriers require pre-scheduled delivery and cumbersome, expensive transport.

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